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Keeping Your Property Safe and Accessible During Winter

When winter weather strikes, you trust Jordan Lawn & Landscape for professional snow removal. All sidewalks, walkways, and entrances will remain clear and hazard-free throughout the season.

Snow Maintenance Services

Snow Blowing

Utilizing our snow blowers, we swiftly and efficiently clear areas to ensure safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles. We prioritize high-traffic areas, keeping them accessible even in the harshest winter conditions.


For walkways, entrances, and tighter areas where snow blowers cannot reach, we provide meticulous shoveling. We ensure that every corner of your property is cleared of snow and ice, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.


After clearing snow from paved areas, we apply SafePaw Ice melt to prevent ice buildup and enhance safety. SafePaw is specifically formulated to be pet, person, and environmentally friendly, providing effective de-icing without harmful chemicals.

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